Sunday, 24 December 2017

Summer in Europe - orange art deco glass bowl

Another item inspired by something in the Passau glass museum. This looks so much better in real life - it hasn't photographed very well.

This is quite a small thing and I was keen to use some gold work. I played around with lots of more complicated designs but in the end decided simple was best. This is the bowl it's based on.

Friday, 22 December 2017

Summer in Europe Quilt - Passau cobbled street

This is  the first piece I planned. It hasn't come out quite as I imagined but I think it will look OK in the final quilt.

This one is based on a cobbled street we saw in Passau, Germany. I probably should have put my squares closer together and included more grey.

Here is a close up - not that it shows you much.  The square beads were originally wood stained brown and I painstakingly painted each one with about three coats of acrylic. I like the sheen on them and it's always good to use something I've already got.


A good friend of mine commented on the little cactus I have in a pot at home so I made her a picture of one for Christmas. A quick little project which turned out well.