Monday, 20 November 2017

Summer in Europe Quilt - Roman Glass in Trier

This is a small piece, only about 8cm square.

It's going to need pressing and possibly some fabric underneath to make it lie flat but I'll worry about that when I put the quilt together at the end.

This little one was based on some lovely pieces of glass which I saw in the Landesmuseum in Trier, a German city on the banks of the Moselle. I'm pretty sure the glass is Roman but I may have that wrong. Here are the three pieces of glass I photographed. I haven't tried to copy them exactly, just gone for the general 'flavour' of them.

The museum had some fantastic things in it and I could have chosen all kinds of things to base a textile design on. I might look at using some of the mosaics later.

Summer in Europe Quilt - Church Window Dinant

The second piece for the Summer in Europe quilt is finished. It's based on a stained glass window in the Notre Dame church in Dinant, Belgium on the Meuse River.

I learnt a lot from this. Originally I was going to make it using English Paper Piecing but I quickly discovered that I didn't have either the patience or the skill. In the end I used an applique bonding technique with couched thread between the pieces. I left a gap between each piece which was a mistake. I thought it would give me a clear line for couching in but as I worked the fabric began to fray. If I'd butted the pieces up against each other the couching would have secured the edges. As it was I had to sew round every piece after I'd finished the couching.

I'm quite pleased with the colours. I didn't have much red fabric so I dyed some. I've rinsed them thoroughly but I hope the colour doesn't run.

I'm also quite fond of the back of this. I just like the different threads.
 But the thing that I've really learnt this time is that I need to spend more time on the design stage. I sketched the window quickly and made the decision to shorten it to three panels as the original five panels would make it too tall and narrow for my overall design. I didn't look carefully enough at the design though. Here's the original photo.

See where have I gone wrong? 

The actual design should have been the one in the middle. I mistakenly drew it with two extra lines, as in the diagram on the right. I wish I had used the design as it should have been; it has a more modern feel to it (and it would have been less pieces!) Still, I'd give the final piece 7/10 so that's not so bad!

Sunday, 12 November 2017

Summer in Europe Quilt - A house in Cochem

We spent three weeks this summer camping in Europe. We went through France, Belgium, Germany, Austria, quick trip to Switzerland then back through the same countries but via a different route. I took dozens of pictures of things I thought would be good inspiration for textile work and I'm now planning on producing a large quilt/wall hanging made up of lots of different pieces. I finished the first.

This piece is about 13cm  15cm and is embroidered using whipped back stitch and satin stitch. The fabric is more sandy coloured than it looks here. There's also some gold fabric paint on it. It was supposed to be light brown but I only had gold and I think I like it better.

 The inspiration for this piece was a painted Bistro in Cochem which is on the Mosel river in Germany. We only stopped briefly in Cochem for lunch and we didn't actually eat in the Bistro but I spotted it as we walked past.

So now you get the idea for the Summer in Europe Quilt. I'm busy working on the second piece now. (In fact my hands are covered in dye.)